logo-alarisWelcome to the new website of the
Astana LAboratory for Robotic and Intelligent Systems (ALARIS).

Established as part of the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics within the Nazarbayev University School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, the laboratory focuses on research in specific areas of intelligent industrial, assistive and mobile robotics.

ALARIS team has successfully completed the industrial project on a robotized KAMAZ NEO truck development  

Please download our Open-source 6-DOF ALARIS robotic hand design suitable for research and education purposes 

Please download our Open-source 3D printed underactuated robotic gripper suitable for research and education purposes 

Please download our Open-Source 7-DOF Human Arm Motion Tracking System for research and education purposes 

Safety-Aware NMPC for Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Autonomous object grasping using Jaco assistive robot arm and deep learning based RGB-D data processing  

Deep Learning-based object classification for robotized pick-and-place operations

Semi-Autonomous Robot Teleoperation With Obstacle Avoidance Via Model Predictive Control

Intuitive teleoperation of 6-DoF Universal Robots manipulators in constrained workspace using nonlinear model predictive control

Infinite Rotational Motion Generation of a Coaxial Spherical Manipulator

Orientation control (inertial stabilization) of a spherical parallel manipulator

An Open-Source Mechanical Design of ALARIS Robotic Hand

More ALARIS videos are available on our web-site pages and YouTube channel