ROBT 204 – Electric and Electronic Circuits II with Lab (Labs)

Spring 2014 Semester

Lab Instructor                     Dr. Almas Shintemirov  
Teaching Assistants        Mr. Aizek Zhupankhan, Mr. Talgat Khassanov

Class Times:                          Labs: Thursdays 1.30 pm – 4.20 pm
Prerequisities                      ROBT 203 – Electric and Electronic Circuits I with Lab

Course Overview 

ROBT 204 Electric and Electronic Circuits II with Lab is the second course in the Electrical Engineering area of the Robotics and Mechatronics Program curriculum. This course has 1 credit three hour lab session and course project component.  Lab topics include frequency response, diodes, bipolar junction and field effect transistors,etc. Students learn and use Altium Circuit Designer for designing printed circuit boards in course projects.

Course Textbook

  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, Robert Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky, Prentice Hall; 11th international student edition, 2012
  • Introduction to Electric Circuits, James A. Svoboda and Richard C. Dorf, John Wiley & Sons Ltd; 8th international student edition, 2010

Lab Schedule (Tentative)

14 Jan     Frequency Response and Bode Plots