ROBT206 – Microcontrollers with Lab

Spring 2019 Semester (Lab 3 session)

Course Instructor             Dr. Almas Shintemirov  
Teaching Assistants          Mr. Talgat Tursynbekov, Mr. Temirlan Aitkali

Class Times:                        Labs: Thursdays 12.00 pm – 2.50 pm
Prerequisities                      CSCI151 Fundamentals of Programming

Course Overview 
ROBT 206 is the first course in the Computer Engineering area of the undergraduate Robotics and Mechatronics and Computer Science program curricula. This 4 credit course consists of two 75 minute lectures and one three hour lab/recitation session per week. The course covers both the fundamentals of the logic and computer system design and also the practical aspects of the microcontroller programming. Topics include Boolean algebra, combinational logic circuit design, sequential logic circuit design, computer design basics; instruction set concept, peripherals of microcontrollers. Laboratory sessions focus on microcontroller based system design and programming using Arduino boards and digital logic circuit design in VHDL language using Altera Cyclone 5 FPGA boards. At the end of the course students present final projects based on the hardware of their choice.

Course Textbook

  • Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals by M.M. Mano and C.R. Kime,  4th edition, 2008

Course Final Projects 2019