ENG 101 – Programming for Engineers (Sections 5 and 6)

Fall 2020 Semester

Course Instructor: Dr. Almas Shintemirov

Class Times:   Online

Course Overview 

This is an introductory course for programming essential for Engineering/Scientist undergraduate study. The module would focus on the development of programming skills that can be directly applied to solve practical problems where the computer is part of the system or is used to model a physical or logical system. This module introduces programming as a tool for solving practical problems through C/C++ programming languages.  Starting with the basic feature of the language, the course will develop introducing students to Object Oriented Programming and other advanced features of modern programming paradigm.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to computers and programming;
  • Variables in C/C++, assignment statements, and arithmetic expressions;
  • Input/output operations;
  • Operators: rules of operator precedence;
  • Flow of Control, if-else, switch, while, for, do;
  • Structured programming;
  • Arrays & Pointers;
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation;
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP);
  • Classes, members and data structures;
  • Data encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism;
  • File handling and custom templates.

Selected 2020 Course Final Projects