ROBT491 Graduation Project

Spring Semester

Course Overview 
The course objective is to practice an industrial project work by students completing the BSc in Robotics and Mechatronics program. Projects include problem definition, making time schedule, information retrieval, work coordination, problem solving, report writing and oral presentation. Student should demonstrate ability both to apply knowledge acquired earlier in the education and within a project team ability to acquire and apply more knowledge.

Graduation projects 2019

Autonomous Object Recognition System for Shared Autonomy Control of an Assistive Robotic Arm

Students: Anton Kim, Sanzhar Rakimkul, Askarbek Pazylbekov

Slide Presentation


Graduation projects 2017

Control System Design for a Power Assist Lifting Device 


Graduation projects 2016

KUKA youBot gravity compensation and trajectory teaching

Slide Presentation


Brain Actuated Mobile Robot Using Neural Signals as an Assistive Home Technology

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KUKA youBot obstacle avoidance using Hokuyo scanning range finder  and modified Tangent Bug algorithm    

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A Human Arm Motion Tracking System Desing Using an IMU and a Camera Sensors

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Graduation projects 2015

Orientation Control (Inertial Stabilization) of a Spherical Parallel Manipulator